leadership lead‧er‧ship [ˈliːdəʆɪp ǁ -ər-] noun [uncountable]
1. the position of being the leader of a team, organization, country etc:

• The company did well under the leadership of its founder, Haruo Suzuki.

2. the qualities needed in order to be a good leader:

• a chairman with vision and leadership

3. MARKETING the position of being the most important or most successful product, service or company of a particular type:
leadership in

• US leadership in the aerospace industry

ˈmarket ˌleadership also ˈindustry ˌleadership MARKETING
the position of being the company or product that has the highest sales in its market or industry:

• The company is famous for gaining market leadership by introducing innovative products.

• Tesco is the UK's largest supermarket, having taken industry leadership from Sainsbury's.

ˈprice ˌleadership MARKETING
the position of being the company that is usually the first in its industry to increase or reduce its prices, with other competitors following:

• Its rival has taken price leadership in this fast-growing market by driving prices down.

* * *

leadership UK US /ˈliːdəʃɪp/ noun
[U] HR, MANAGEMENT the position or fact of being a leader: »

The company has strong leadership and accountability up and down the line.


The hospital excelled financially under her leadership.


a leadership role/style/team


business/corporate/executive leadership

[U] HR, MANAGEMENT the set of characteristics that makes a good leader: »

He was fired for his lack of leadership.


leadership qualities/skills

[U] MARKETING the position of being a company, product, etc. that is more successful than its competitors: »

Our people are working together to attain leadership in customer service, quality and financial returns.


It is the Marketing Division that grapples with the strategic problem of retaining market share and industry leadership.

the leadership — Cf. the leadership
See also MARKET LEADERSHIP(Cf. ↑market leadership), PRICE LEADERSHIP(Cf. ↑price leadership), TRANSACTIONAL LEADERSHIP(Cf. ↑transactional leadership), TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP(Cf. ↑transformational leadership)

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